Berrydesign Furniture Delivery

Berrydesign Delivery

Delivery details and timings

Our current delivery times are 12 - 16 weeks from confirmation of your order.

 We will contact you approximately 2 weeks before your expected delivery date in an email to give you a provisional delivery date to let you know that your dining table, dining chairs, extending dining table, or cabinet are ready and you can confirm or change this date to suit you.

Our team will arrange a delivery time to suit you and will always provide a two hour window to allow for traffic. You can then be relaxed knowing when they will arrive and can plan the rest of your day accordingly without being stressed about your delivery. You should not need to take the whole day off work.

Personal Delivery Service

All of our deliveries are carried out by our Berrydesign team in our own vans giving you an individual, dedicated and personal delivery service on a date and time to suit you. Our delivery team are all Berrydesign employees who are also the same highly skilled craftsmen who have made your furniture, so always take great care and pride during their delivery process. Please feel free to ask them anything about your furniture. 

On all of our Berrydesign deliveries your delivery team will give you a free re-polishing demo to show you how to re-polish your furniture in the future. They will also give you a free re-polishing kit to keep. If you have ordered an extending dining table they will also show you how the extension mechanism for your extending dining table works as a useful reminder.

All our deliveries include installation of your furniture fully assembled in exactly the place you want it your home, thereby giving you a completely stress-free service. All of our deliveries are personally arranged for you and fully insured. 

Carrier installation

We will deliver to anywhere in the UK, and will provide a delivery quotation for you. We can also arrange deliveries to anywhere in the world. However, for deliveries that are more than 4 hours driving time from Berrydesign we often use our excellent third party carrier, who are also trained to install your furniture in your home and show you how your extension mechanism works on your extending dining table.

We have worked with our third party carriers for over 16 years and we trust them completely with our valuable furniture. They are fully insured.

Shipping around the world

We arrange seamless deliveries for customers all over the world , and have delivered to America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and closer to our shores, France, Portugal, Spain, Guernsey, Ireland, Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Click here for more information on shipping around the world.

Parking and access restrictions

Please let us know about any access or parking difficulties that might affect your delivery, and give us as much notice as possible. If you have any narrow doorways or staircases please also let us know, as this is essential information for us to know to plan your delivery.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to see our delivery terms and conditions.