We are committed to protecting the rainforest

Berrydesign work with World Land Trust to protect our rainforests

World Land Trust

Berrydesign is proud to be a corporate partner of the World Land Trust (WLT). Together we have been actively protecting the tropical rainforests since 2008.

Rainforests are essential to the survival of the planet. Deforestation contributes up to 20% of the world's Carbon Dioxide emissions, more than double the contribution from all the world's lorries and cars combined. Every time we save two acres of rainforest we clean one ton of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. This is why rainforests are often referred to as "the lungs of the earth" and yet every second one acre of rainforest is destroyed. We want to help prevent this from happening, which is why Berrydesign is committed to protecting and re-planting the areas endangered rainforest with WLT.

These emissions coupled with the reduced capacity to filter the earth's Carbon Dioxide through photosynthesis means that deforestation is significantly contributing to climate change. And it's not just climate change - deforestation also leads to a loss of biodiversity, increased soil erosion and disruption to the global water cycle.

Our Commitment

With every order you give us, whether it be a dining table, an extending table, dining chairs, a sideboard, cabinet  or even a small coffee table, we will plant a tree with WLT on your behalf. Together we will can contribute to saving the rainforest by preventing its deforestation. Your order will also help to protect the thousands of species found living off each tree. We will also send you a certificate of the tree we have planted for you.

At Berrydesign we believe that we can and must do more to help the environment. If you have any queries or suggestions about our work with World Land Trust please contact us