Our Fabric is Recycled

Berrydesign uses recycled fabrics

Recycled fabric story

Our Comfort fabric is...

Eco-friendly - No harmful solvents or heavy metals are used in the production of our "Comfort" fabric, so there is no damaging impact on the environment during its manufacture.

In addition, Comfort fabric is made from a high percentage of recycled materials. By using recycled materials we are positively re-using waste materials and supporting the recycling industry in Europe. A substantial proportion of European derived products are exported to China for recycling, which is a very inefficient solution, especially when being sent to a country with far more lenient environmental regulations.

Beneath its soft suede-like surface, our Comfort dining chair fabric has an incredible 150,000 rub count durability making it practical as well as sumptuously comfortable. This amazing eco-friendly fabric is dirt and stain resistant as well as water and oil repelling, making it easy to maintain and care for. Please visit our Fabric Choices page for further details.