Our Wood is Responsibly Sourced

Our solid wood is responsibly sourced for sustainable furniture production

Berrydesign sources timber from responsibly managed forests

We are committed to providing sustainable dining furniture. The beautiful solid oak and walnut we source for all our furniture - whether it is for the largest extending dining table or the smallest detail within our sideboard designs - is specifically selected from responsibly managed forests.

Our trees are handpicked for felling as opposed to employing heavy machinery that de-forest indiscriminately, which can lead to progressive soil degradation, reduced fertility, and significant impacts on biodiversity. Our method of manufacture ensures that the timber is efficiently produced and the biological processes within the forests are maintained. 

We specifically source our Walnut from sustainably managed forests in the United States. Our American Walnut conforms to our high sustainability standards. We kiln dry and mill all of our solid oak and walnut in Germany, because it gives us the finest milled timber quality in the world. A third of Germany is covered by forests and their forestry is strictly managed under a 300 year sustainability campaign, which is why we have based our timber milling process here and source all of our solid oak from here.