Why Wood?

Berrydesign sustainable dining tables use responsibly sourced timber

Timber is a more sustainable material

At Berrydesign we use sustainable solid wood for all of our furniture. The carbon footprint associated with timber is significantly smaller compared to that of other materials (such as steel and glass) when used to make furniture, whether it be a large extending dining table, set of dining chairs or a simple coffee table. The main carbon emission in the product life cycle of timber is its transport. Steel, glass and plastic on the other hand, have a far more carbon intensive life cycle, from the extraction of their raw materials, to their manufacture, and  their ultimate disposal.

This makes solid wood a more sustainable and environmentally friendly resource for making furniture, especially when it is sourced from responsibly managed forests, which is the case with all the timber used by Berrydesign - see our page on 'responsibly sourced timber' for more information.