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How to choose a dining table size

At the bottom of each of our dining table design pages you will find our Price Calculator and Planner which is a useful guide to the dimensions and prices available for the design you have chosen.

Our handmade tables can also be made in bespoke sizes if you need different dimensions to those shown. In this case, just click on the "Request Bespoke Quote" button and one of our knowledgeable team will be in touch within 48 hours. 

Contact us for more details about table dimensions

To give you as much information as possible, we have also created a more detailed guide below to the sizing of each of our rectangular, square and round dining tables. The below guide will vary slightly for each table design. As a simple rule our tables made with legs in the corners give you the greatest flexibility for smaller sizes and also work well in mid and large sizes. When the table legs are inset then the table length needs to start at about 200cm and so these are more suitable for our mid and large dining table sizes.

Our standard table widths go up to 110cm,  which will comfortably seat two children at either table end, or an adult with plenty of space. If you require, we can also make you a bespoke table width of 120cm and above to seat two guests at either end. 

Berrydesign has also created more guides on Planning your dining room (with downloadable room planners) and Table size and seating guide which give examples and layouts of Berrydesign dining tables and chairs. 

Guide to sizing of Rectangular tables

Table length 100cm to 160cm (fixed or extendable table length)

Seats up to 2 people along table length.
A small table size seating from 2 to 4 people.
When made as an extending table we can normally fit a single flap from 45cm to 95cm, allowing up to 8 to 10 people to be seated.




Table length 180cm to 230cm (fixed or extendable table length)

Seats 3 people along table length.
A good mid size of table seating 6 to 8 people when closed and 10 to 12 people when the table is fully extended.
Two extending table flaps of up to 55cm each can be fitted to this extendable table size.




Table length 240cm to 290cm (fixed or extendable table length)

Seats 4 people along table length.
A large table size which can seat 10 to 12 people when closed and 12 to 20 people when fully extended using our two or three extension flap system.
Two flaps of 55cm or 70cm can be fitted or three flaps of 50cm.




Table length 300cm to 340cm (fixed or extendable table length)

Seats 5 people along table length.
A very large table size which can seat 12 to 14 people when closed and 14 to 22 people when fully extended with our two or three flap system.
Two flaps of 55cm or 70cm can be fitted or three flaps of 50cm or 70cm.
These extra long tables are ideally made with inset legs.




Table length of 350cm to 390cm (fixed or extendable table length)

Seats 6 people along table length.
Very large table size which seats 14 to 16 people when closed and 16 to 24 people when fully extended with our two or three flap system with the possible space for 4 flaps if needed. 
These very long, large tables require special design construction and can be discussed as a bespoke design


Guide to sizing of Round tables

Please find below the diameters (distance across a round table) and the circumferences (distance around the rim of the table) for our most popular round table sizes. There is a table below the main diagram showing you the space per person that each round dining table will allow. This guide is only an indication of size and we recommend that especially on small tables you allow for space for wine bottles and dishes in the centre. 

Circa 1 round dining table (single pedestal) = diameter up to 160cm + custom build
Circa 11 round dining table (extending single pedestal) = diameters of 115cm, 130cm, 150cm + custom build
Circa 111 round dining table (tri pedestal) = diameters from 160cm to 220cm + custom build

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