10 seater Dining Table Choosing a 10 seater dining table for large dining rooms Our 10 seater dining tables are large tables that will look lovely and be incredibly useful in any large dining room.
12 Seater Dining Room Table Large 12 seater dining table for extra large gatherings/families A 12 seater dining table is ideal for larger families and for those who enjoy entertaining.
8 seater dining table Choosing your 8 seater dining table in oak and walnut The importance of the a dining table to a home, and to a family, cannot be overstated.
Contemporary bespoke solid oak and walnut furniture design Our story and values Founded in 1999 by furniture designer/ maker Chris Berry, Berrydesign was born out of a passion for the finest furniture design using solid oak and walnut of the best quality available for everyday  functional living.
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Berrydesign PDFs Please see the following customer PDF documents for finalising your order - simply click on the link below to download it: 1.
Berrydesign Pricelists All our prices include VAT All our prices have been given for oak and walnut, however we can quote for any of our designs in any other wood of your choice.
Bespoke Dining Room Furniture Bespoke Dining Tables designed for 2 or 4 people - comfortable 6 - 8 seater dining tables also available Bespoke dining room furniture can be designed to match your tastes and preferences while meeting the dimensional requirements and utilising the perfect design for your dining space.
Bespoke Dining Table Gone are the days of choosing from a bland selection of tables for the dining room.