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Choosing your dining table size

How many people will a table this big seat? I want to be able to seat...? I would like a table that can seat.... how big would that need to be?? Choosing the right sized table to seat all your guests comfortably is an important question. At Berrydesign we have been designing and making dining tables for over 15 years and specialise in extending dining tables of all shapes and sizes. This page will help you find out what table size you require for the amount of guests you wish to seat.

A good way to start your dining table planning is to decide what the ‘maximum’ number of guests it is that you would like to seat, as this will give you the largest dimension required and using the tables and illustrations below to find out what sized table you will require. Once you have this measurement you can check it against your room size using our ‘Room planner‘ page.


Rectangular Tables

Rectangular dining table seating guide

We have a range of different rectangular dining table designs, choose from central pedestal, 4 legged and inset leg. Each design has its own effect on seating, but as a general rule the grid below demonstrates what length and width is required for the displayed seating.

Rectangular dining table sizes and seating guide

Extending rectangular dining table seating guide

Different sized table designs can fit different sizes and amounts of extensions, however for a general guide the rules below shows what minimum size is required:

  • Tables up to 160cm+ = 1 x 55cm
  • Tables from 180cm+ = 2 x 45/55cm
  • Tables from 220cm+ = 3 x 50cm (Entertainer table only)
  • Tables from 260cm+ = 3 x 50cm
  • Tables from 280cm+ = 2 x 70cm (Inset leg tables)

Using these illustrations you can deduct from your maximum size (bearing in mind the minimum table size rules above) to give you a non-extended table length.

Examples of rectangular table sizes and seating

Infinity dining table - 260x100cm + 3x50cm ext

When closed this table will seat 8-10 adding 2 guests per extension giving a total of 14-16 seated when fully extended.

Brunel dining table - 200x100cm + 2x55cm ext

When closed this table will seat 6-8 adding 2 guests per extension giving a total of 10-12 seated when fully extended.



Round Tables

Round dining table seating guide

Round dining tables are fantastic choice, giving a relatively large amount of seating in a small area. Without any corners the table allows movement around it in kitchen or dining areas where people could be walking past. Below you will find a guideline seating amount for a range of different round table sizes.

Extending round dining table seating guide

The starting extension size for our extending round dining tables is 50cm however, on some of our large round table designs with a diameter of 150cm+ we can fit an extra large 70cm extension for extra comfort. Please see below for illustrations that show guide seating for a range of sizes and their extensions (50cm).

Examples of round table sizes and seating

Discus dining table - 130cm diameter fixed glass top

This fixed top round pedestal table size and design will seat 4-5 people. (Can also be made from solid timber)

Circa II dining table - 150x150cm + 1x50cm ext

When closed this round pedestal table size and design will seat 6-8 extending to seat up to 10 people.


Square Tables

Square dining table seating guide

Small square dining tables are perfect for apartments where they can be placed against a wall to save space, while large square dining tables can created truly impressive centre pieces to a dining room. Our large central pedestal square dining tables allow you to seat guests around every part of the table with no legs to impede you.


Extending square dining table seating guide

The starting extension size on our square dining tables is 50cm and in most cases, extend from the centre. With our large square dining tables (160cm+) we can fit a 70cm extension to give that extra space and comfort. Please see below for illustrations that show guide seating for a range of sizes and their extensions (50cm).

Examples of Square table sizes and seating

Regent dining table - 183x183cm fixed top

This fixed top square pedestal table size and design can seat 10-12 people.

Middleton dining table - 170x170 + 1x70cm ext

When closed this square dining table will seat 8-10 extending to seat 10-12.

Will it fit?

Knowing how many people you would like to seat at the dinner table is one part of choosing a dining table, the second is ‘will it fit?’
On our ‘Planning your dining room’ page we have a step by step guide which you can download and print out, or follow on the website. This is to help you find the space you have available for a dining table, combined with the seating guides on this page you'll be able to discover what table shapes, sizes and designs will best suite your home.

If at any point you would like to discuss this with us, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01635255352 or book an appointment to visit our showrooms. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.