Bespoke Furniture Extending Table in Motion

Looking for bespoke furniture to suit your exact requirements?

Berrydesign are able to offer bespoke furniture thanks to our skilled design team and beautifully handcrafted production.

If you would like to enquire about a bespoke furniture order the process is normally as follows;

Room size and layout

The first piece of information we’ll need is your chosen room’s size and shape, including any alcoves doors, plug sockets and both overhead and side lighting.

We’ll also consider what colours are used in the room the style of décor and the atmosphere your want for the room.

For a bespoke dining table, considering the shape of your room will help direct us towards which shaped table would be most suitable. A good example of why this is necessary is perhaps you have a grand overhead chandelier in the room, in which case we would recommend a magnificent round table centred underneath. In contrast parallel rows of spotlighting would look fantastic over a long rectangular table. We can help you make these decisions during our personal design consultation.

Bespoke Furniture Selection Room Layout 2

Furniture selection

Which furniture designs are you interested in? Dining table? Dining chairs? Sideboard? Mirror?

When choosing sideboards and cabinets give thought towards the amount of space you will need in front of your furniture. If space is limited, our Glide Cabinet with graceful sliding doors needs no extra space in front.

If you are purchasing an extending table you will need additional chairs which will need to be stored away from the table setting when not in use. Choosing beautiful, bespoke, multi-coloured fabrics will allow additional dining chairs to become a feature in a second room.


Bespoke Furniture Inquiry

Initial briefing

Once you have an idea of the bespoke furniture and styles you’d like, contact our expert team on 01635 255352 or send us an email so we can discuss the details and any extra requirements you may need.

Often speaking directly to our Head Designer, Chris Berry, will allow you both to confirm you’re on the same page, ensuring everyone is happy with your brief and every detail has been considered when designing your tailor made furniture.




Bespoke Furniture Conception by Berrydesign

Concept Design

After receiving your brief and details, Chris will then begin designing your furniture. With design experience of over 40 years our team aims to deliver furniture to exceed your expectations.






Bespoke Furniture Design Finalised

Proposal and finalising design

Once Chris and his team have developed some design options, we will send through a quote detailing your proposed design and arrange a date and time to finalise the details and quotation.

Once the design is agreed our craftsmen will start to make your bespoke furniture to our exceptional standards.




Manufacturing and Delivering

Berrydesign employs craftsmen with decades of knowledge and experience in making beautiful furniture. From hand selecting each piece of timber, manufacturing the entire product all the way to the final coat of polish.

This level of involvement means that there is no point in the process that we don’t control. This enables us to deliver and install bespoke furniture directly to your house of the highest standards that other high street brands cannot match.

Your furniture will be installed by the craftsmen who have personally worked on your furniture and take pride in its creation so they will be able to answer any questions you may have on the day.


Bespoke Furniture by Berrydesign - Aftercare

It doesn't stop there...

With every order we also personally demonstrate how to best maintain and keep your furniture along with a personalised care kit to help you do so.

Your Berrydesign bespoke furniture is unique and carefully made to last for generations.

If at any point in the years after ordering your bespoke furniture, you would like a re-polish or have any other concern please don’t hesitate to contact us.