British Design

What is British Design

As a nation of people, surrounded by sea and ever-changing weather we do have a slightly different sense of style when compared to the rest of the world.
We like solid structures, deep textures and soft surfaces, which echo back to times when everything was done by hand in a slow but certain way.
We have very old buildings, with fireplaces and alcoves and the need to brighten our homes through the dark winter days. We have cosy pubs, hedgerows and forests and narrow county lanes, and we also have a lot of rain (and talk a lot about the weather when gathered around the kitchen table).

Our homes are collections of new and old, of Grandad’s old chair mixed with Burberry coats and a shiny Mini outside. Our property values are amongst the highest in Europe and we like to build extensions and have family and friends around to stay, generally trying to open up dark rooms with wide open spaces and an exciting mix of old with new.