contemporary dining chairs

Contemporary dining room chairs

Contemporary dining room chairs in solid oak and walnut for your dining room, kitchen or living room

Bladeback contemporary dining chairs
One of our most popular contemporary dining chairs, the Bladeback is fully upholstered with the option of a sprung seat. 
Tall Dining Chairs Taperback Walnut
Our Taperback upholstered dining room chairs are handmade with an elegant, slender chair back and sharp edge detail.
Shortback compact contemporary upholstered dining chair
These lovely contemporary dining chairs are both stylish and practical. Slightly shorter than others, they are also incredibly comfortable!
Rollback tall upholstered dining chairs
Our classic Rollback dining room chairs are made with fixed covers. Fantastically comfortable and suited to both kitchen and dining room use. 
Narrow Willow solid oak dining chair
Our Narrow Willow dining room chairs are graceful, slim designs with an elegantly curved chair back. Handmade with option of sprung seat.
Traditional Scrollback Dining Chairs
Less formal with a shorter back than our classic Rollback chair. The Scrollback is available with fixed or loose fabric covers.
Laidback leather dining chair with sprung seating
Our Laidback chairs are extremely comfortable, relaxed dining room armchairs. Available in our full selection of fabrics or leather.
Broad Willow Bespoke Dining Chair
Our Broad Willow solid wood dining chairs are a contemporary design with a wide curved back for maximum comfort. 
Bladeback black upholstered dining bench
Our popular, fully upholstered Bladeback dining bench is available with or without the bench back. Handmade to order in solid oak or walnut.
Shortcake Dining Bench in solid oak
These lovely dining room benches complement our Shortback dining chairs to give a variety of seating options. 
Air Dining Bench
Our Air dining room table and benches have been designed to show off the beauty of solid wood. Bespoke fabric cushions can be made.