Berrydesign Dining Chair Fabrics

Upholstery Fabric Colours

One touch and you will fully appreciate the quality of fabrics that we have selected to complement our dining chairs. The fabrics have been made with fantastic colours, excellent performance (see chart for details) and the greatest practicality. The ultimate in quality and user-friendliness being the Comfort and Alcantara. Beautiful faux suedes on which you can spill wine, milk, food and grease, then simply wipe clean.

The comfort of sitting on a properly upholstered chair designed for comfort, in fabulous fabric, of sumptuous quality, will soon repay your investment as you sit on it for every meal, every day.

Comfort is a favourite fabric of the moment made in Denmark, as it seems to offer the proverbial "all things to all men" (and women of course!). It has the highest strength found in a fabric that feels so soft and fabulous, and has slightly more stretch, meaning creases are avoided even after long-term use.

Comfort is currently available in 77 amazing colours, from earthy naturals right through the spectrum to zingy contemporary pinks and limes. It is a very modern range, and with a rub count of 150,000, offers extraordinary strength and suitability for a fixed chair cover. In addition to this Comfort has an innovative anti-static, water and oil repellent treatment making it even more resistant to dirt and spots. This is an amazing fabric with a wide range of colours to suit all lifestyles, is environmentally friendly and a joy to live with.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Comfort fabric swatch booklet.


Alcantara Colours

Alcantara was probably one of the first faux suedes on the market, coming from Milan the home of some of the best fabrics in the World, it has a sophisticated elegant texture and fine quality with a rub count of 33,000 and is available in 66 stunning colours. It is still used inside both the Mercedes and Porsches when the demands of top end cars require luxurious style. Furthermore due to its resilience when exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight as it never fades, in addition to its extreme comfort, strength and durability, this faux suede is also used in the marine world onboard Sun seeker super yachts.

ivory fabric image
1150 ivory
corn fabric image
1070 corn
sand rose fabric image
1108 sand rose
apricot fabric image
4096 apricot
palm image
4084 palm
sea sand image
1100 sea sand
dove grey fabric image
1112 dove grey
callot rose fabric image
1510 callot rose
onion skin fabric image
4197 onion skin
wood fabric image
6419 wood
cream image
1044 cream
camel image
3051 camel
grayish beige fabric image
1112 dove grey
rust fabric image
4097 rust
brown fabric image
7801 brown skin
amber glow fabric image
1110 amber glow
taupe image
4180 taupe
string image
5141 string
teak fabric image
6906 teak
rust fabric image
6833 raw amber
edelweiss fabric image
2106 edelweiss
olive green fabric image
3322 olive green
goya red image
3096 goya red
ice image
1042 ice
nile blue fabric image
6801 nile blue
almond green fabric image
2161 almond green
pistachio fabric image
1045 pistachio
angel red fabric image
3232 angel red
aubusson image
2129 aubusson
velvet blue image
3470 velvet blue
celadon green fabric image
2156 celadon green
sun fabric image
1125 sun
sanguine red fabric image
5301 sanguine red
porcelain blue fabric image
4175 porcelain blue
pearl grey image
4078 pearl grey
laurel green image
4118 laurel green
mandarin fabric image
1047 mandarin
zinnia red fabric image
5201 zinnia red
bohemian blue fabric image
7586 bohemian blue
stone grey fabric image
5810 stone grey
lichen green image
6405 lichen green
curry image
1016 curry
pompeian red fabric image
8801 pompeian red
infanta blue fabric image
6408 infanta blue
mars grey fabric image
4360 mars grey
robin hood fabric image
6501 robin hood
cuoia image
4077 cuoia
aubergine image
7569 aubergine
commodore blue fabric image
6501 commodore blue
chic grey fabric image
6404 chic grey
kiwi fabric image
6407 kiwi
cadmium orange fabric image
4025 cadmium orange
violet image
6601 violet
navy blue image
7941 navy blue
sea green fabric image
6406 sea green
eucalyptus fabric image
4702 eucalyptus
orange tan fabric image
4224 orange tan
ruby red fabric image
4048 ruby red
powder blue image
6440 powder blue
anthracite image
6422 anthracite
fern green fabric image
5700 fern green
sunset fabric image
4131 sunset
wisteria fabric image
1422 wisteria
brittany blue fabric image
7912 brittany blue
slate black image
9901 slate black