oak extending dining tables

Extending Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables made to order in solid oak and walnut

Berrydesign are designers and makers of handmade contemporary extending dining tables. Our extending tables are unique, made from a different piece of solid oak or solid walnut and personal, made to suit your own room size and style. Perfect for those looking for flexible dining space. Whether you are looking for a rectangular, round or square extending dining table, we have spent many years carefully developing extending table mechanisms that are sleek and seamless to operate. Read more about our extension mechanisms here

Infinity oak extending Dining Table in solid oak
Infinity Extending Table is possibly our most popular extending table which extends into a large table seating up to 18 people!
Brunel oak Extending dining Table with U Underframe in solid walnut
This beautiful extending table offers plenty of legroom with your choice of one or two extension flaps.
Regent Square Oak Extending Dining Table in Wild Walnut
The Regent Square extending table has a large single pedestal base and shown here in solid Wild Walnut with Taperback chairs.
Chelsea Round Extending Table in Solid Oak
Contemporary round extending table design with slim  pedestal base.  A vailable in solid o ak or w alnut.
Circa II Oak Round Dining Table
Stunning round dining table in solid Oak or Walnut, with round central pedestal that extends from a 6 seater to a 10/12 seater.
Clifton Steel Berrydesign Large Dining Table
Innovative extending dining table design which offers stylish  thick table top  with a striking  inset steel table base. 
Middleton Extending Dining Table in solid oak
The Middleton extending dining table with large single pedestal table base and thick 85mm table top profile.
Entertainer Large Extending Dining Table in Solid Walnut
The Entertainer extending table is designed for the family to seat 4-8, and then extend to welcome all of your friends to seat 14 -16 people. ...
Regent Rectangular Extending Table in Wild Walnut
One of our most loved dining table designs  with a grand single central pedestal or twin pedestals in solid walnut or oak.
Walnut Air extending dining table seats 6 people
Super slim solid oak extending table with the same popular design features as our Infinity table and our butterfly extending table mechanism.  ...
Brompton Extending Table in Walnut with extension flaps open
The Brompton extending dining table shown in Wild Walnut has twin slim pedestal columns.  
Clifton Wood Extending Table in solid oak
Solid wood extending table  design with a luxuriously thick  table top and  inset table leg plates  in solid oak or walnut . 
Apex extending dining table showing extension flaps
This extending dining table with "A" frame legs combines many engineering principles in a lightweight angular design for maximum leg room.
Clifton U Extending Table in solid oak
This version of our Clifton extending table has a solid wood U underframe to give a lighter, floating feel.
Lulworth Extending Dining Table in Solid Walnut with upholstered chairs
This hand made extending table features luxurious curved corners and a reversed bevel table top to highlight the beautifully tapered "A"  ...
Vision U Extending Table in solid oak
Our Vision U extending table combines  the beautiful curve d top from our Vision table and elegant  "U"  underframe  from  our   Brunel ...
Vision Contemporary Bespoke Extending Table
The long graceful curve of this contemporary table design provides a refreshing alternative to traditional rectangular dining tables.
Infinity Square Bespoke Extending Dining Table in Wild Walnut
The Infinity Square extending  table is a lovely small dining table with seamless extension options. 
Home Square Bespoke Extending Table
Our Home Square extending table design has striking square table top edges and solid square table legs. Available in solid oak or walnut.  
Circa II Square Dining Table in Solid Oak Extension Open
The Circa II Square extendable table has a single pedestal table base. S hown here in solid o ak with  Bladeback  chairs.
Bolt extending solid wood table features contemporary steel leg plates
Robust sturdy extending table made uniquely with wide lengths of 4 different solid woods: oak, walnut, cherry and maple.
Ashurst twin pedestal extending dining table in Wild Walnut
A grand  extra  long  extending dining table  on stunning  twin  pedestals.
Slab Large Extending Oak Dining Table
Large, c ontemporary extending table.  I deal for a more rustic dining room or a country style kitchen.
Home Taper Extending Table in solid oak
The Home Taper extending table  has a tapered leg for a more contemporary feel.  Available with a fixed or extending table top.
Brompton Square Oak Dining Table Flap Extension Mechanism
The  Brompton  square dining table has a single  pedestal column, and can be fitted with a central extension mechanism if required.
Middleton Square Central Pedestal Large Dining Table in solid walnut
Designed in tribute to  the Royal Wedding, t his large solid oak or walnut extending table is justly one of our most loved designs.
Sabre Extending Bespoke Dining Table in solid oak
A stunning solid oak or walnut extending table taking its inspiration from Edwardian table design.  Can to seat up to 10 people.
Grand Extending Dining Table
The Grand extending table is a classic  rectangular table in large proportions to create an impressive  centre  point to your dining room.
Grand Walnut Extending Dining Table
Graciously designed solid Oak or Walnut twin pedestal extending dining table to fill the ever increasing size of living/dining areas.
Party Bespoke Solid Oak Extending Table
An extendable dining table that can transform for special occasions to seat an extra 4-6 people with only one additional flap. 
Circa II Oval Extending Table in solid oak
Our popular  pedestal oval  table seats 6 as standard. While its  innovative extension mechanism can extend it to seat 10-12 comfortably.
Discus Round Extending Table in solid oak with upholstered chairs
An elegant round extending table design  with a beautiful single round central pedestal.
Discus Oval Extending Table in solid oak
A light and fresh oval extending table design in solid  w alnut or oak. W ith a choice of table top  mouldings  and  underframes .
Bridge Oval Dining Table in solid oak
A classic, small, four- legged  oval extending table in solid oak or walnut.
H Underframe Extending Table
The perfect extending rectangular table  for a contemporary  kitchen with its traditional design and modern tapered edges. 
Classic Extending Table in Solid Oak with tapered legs
A classic, extendable,  rectangular dining table in solid oak or walnut  with a wide range of bespoke design options. 
Heritage Bespoke Extending Table in solid oak
A majestic, large oak extending table ideally suited to a classic kitchen or dining room.  Can  seat up to  14 people.
Blade Super Slim Solid Oak Large Dining Table
The slimmest extending table that you will find in the market…. and the longest for all those friends and relations.
Slide Dining Table with Slide extension mechanism
An incredibly contemporary extending table design with  unique, weightless "slide" extension mechanism. In  solid w alnut and o ak.
Bridge Round Extending Table in solid oak
This lovely walnut or oak round table seats 4 people but is available as an extendable table for added seating.