Extending Dining Table designs

Handmade dining table design with extension systems

To be able to offer the perfect dining table for your room we have studied and developed the widest range of table extension systems you will find, with mechanisms carefully engineered to fit within the handmade table frame, giving you a combination of excellent strength, ease of operation and plenty of leg room. The designs of extending dining tables that we offer include:

Four legged tables made with a leg in each corner:

These extending rectangular tables are carefully designed to give you the most compact table when closed and then which seamlessly extend from the table end, to reveal 1, 2 or 3 flaps. Pick a table which is 180cm long, with which you can store, 6 chairs across the table, and then when extended will happily seat 10 to 12 people. Tables made over 260cm long can be made with 3 flaps extending the table to a mighty 410cm long, within 90 seconds…easy!! These tables’ designs can also be made as a square extending table if you wish. 

Tables made with inset legs or with metal or steel leg plates

If you are looking for a modern table design and space for a large dining table then these tables with their floating tops are ideal, especially if you wish to have bench seating, where legs can get in the way! These contemporary dining tables can be made with either 1 or 2 extension flaps of 55cm or as a handmade table in bespoke sizes of 2 x 70cm flaps. When we design these tables for you we will be making sure that there is space at the table ends to ensure leg room balanced with how many chairs you wish to store along the table length. For inset-leg tables, see Brunel, Clifton U and for steel leg plates, see the Clifton Steel dining table.

Extending centre pedestal tables

These fabulous designs really create a centre piece within a room with their solid central column and majestic table tops creating a real centre piece of contemporary table design. Due to the mighty central column we recommend tables are made with a minimum width of 120cm, ideally 130cm to give comfort and legroom in the centre of the table. A table 260cm long by 130cm wide will make a really nice 10 seater when closed and then extends with a single central flap of 55cm or 70cm to allow 14 people to dine in comfort. The central joint glides open to reveal the central flap which is opened out in about 30 seconds. Square extending dining tables expand to create a strong rectangle or we can make an extending rectangular table convert to become a square ..The choice is yours. Single pedestal dining tables include our Regent Square table, Regent Rectangular and Middleton extending table. For twin pedestal dining tables, see the Brompton or Ashurst. See our whole range of pedestal tables here.