Extending Round Pedestal Dining Tables

Extending small round dining tables for smaller spaces

A large round dining table is a magnificent piece of furniture to own but sometimes there just is not enough space. Our Circa II and Discus tables are designed to start as small round extending tables which then extend to seat more guests for special occasions. This allows you all of the benefits of a large round dining table with the flexibility of an extending small round dining table. 

Our small round pedestal dining tables extend with a single central extension flap of 50cm or 70cm that is completely concealed within the table's design when not in use.

One of the key points to consider when deciding what size of round dining table would be most suitable is that if you wish to have 4 chairs tucked in around your table, then we suggest a table diameter no smaller than 130cm. This small round table size can then extend to seat 8 to 10 guests with the addition of an extension flap.

Our largest standard round table diameter of 150cm will happily seat 6 to 8 people and then extended to seat 10 to 12 guests when made as an extending dining table. Please refer to our Round Table Seating Planner for more information on which of our designs can be made in each size.

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