square dining tables

Square Dining Tables

Contemporary square dining tables - in solid oak and solid walnut 

Berrydesign are designers and makers of handmade contemporary square dining tables. Each square table is unique, made from a different piece of solid oak or solid walnut and personal, made to suit your own room size and style. Unusual, striking, contemporary and stylish, a square dining table will not only create a stunning focal point – it is also surprisingly practical and sociable, just like a round table is. 

Regent Square Oak Extending Dining Table in Wild Walnut
The Regent Square extending dining table has a large single pedestal base and is shown here in solid Wild Walnut with our Taperback chairs.
Brunel Square extending dining table and taperback chairs in solid walnut
The gorgeously tapered U-underframe of the Brunel Square Extending table splits in the middle when you extend the table.
Middleton Square Central Pedestal Large Dining Table in solid walnut
Designed in tribute to the Royal Wedding, this large solid oak or walnut extending table is justly one of our most loved designs.
Brompton Square Oak Dining Table Flap Extension Mechanism
The Brompton square dining table has a single pedestal column, and can be fitted with a central extension mechanism if required.
Infinity Square Bespoke Extending Dining Table in Wild Walnut
The Infinity Square extending table is a lovely small dining table with seamless extension options. 
Home Square Bespoke Extending Table
Our Home Square extending table design has striking square table top edges and solid square table legs. Available in solid oak or walnut. 
Circa II Square Dining Table in Solid Oak Extension Open
The Circa II Square extendable table has a single pedestal table base. Shown here in solid oak with Bladeback chairs.