Matching the Oak or Walnut grain on your extending dining table: Each extension flap is carefully designed and cut from single solid Oak or Walnut timber panels to ensure a matched grain when fully extended.
Extending Dining Tables Frequently Asked Questions - Infinity
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our extending dining tables such as: What is the maximum number of extensions possible? The maximum number of extension flaps possible is 3 x 50cm butterfly flaps on the Infinity extending dining table, which comes with an additional support leg in the middle of the table for added stability due to the table length.
Video showing how to use your dining table extension mechanism - The butterfly extending dining table mechanism: The video below shows the classic butterfly extension mechanism working.
Butterfly extension mechanism
Information on the butterfly extension mechanism and how it works: The butterfly mechanism comes in standard sizes for our rectangular dining tables of 55cm or 70cm, which adds +£280 to the price.