Solid Wood Choices

Solid oak, solid walnut, solid maple and solid cherry

At Berrydesign we take great pride in working with a wide choice of solid timbers, mainly solid oak and walnut, but also maple and cherry. Each of our furniture designs can be made in your choice of solid wood. Your choice of solid wood can be made as an entire piece of furniture, or as an "accent" to help highlight a design feature (such as can be seen on our Ellipse table).

All our timbers are sourced from carefully managed, sustainable forests. We work hard to choose the best quality available, carefully selecting timber with the least knots and natural defects. Our timbers are then slowly kiln-dried and machined to our exacting standards. We typically work in wood thicknesses of 28-30mm, 34-36mm, 42-44mm, 54-56mm. We can also create an even greater thickness of 85mm for some of our dining table tops, which look stunning with our extra wide or large range of table designs such as our popular Middleton extending dining table.


solid oak tables

Solid Oak

Our solid oak is carefully selected from sustainably forested areas of Europe that provide a pale and beautifully subtle grain.  This gives a lovely contemporary look, as opposed to lower quality grades, which allow greater fluctuation in colour. By choosing pale solid oak it allows you to choose how you would prefer your furniture to look, either in our palest shades or darkened to suit your existing room with our warmer finishes. 

From the mighty oak tree we can make the strongest solid oak dining and kitchen tables up to 4 meters long. The beauty of solid oak equally suits both slim and thicker dining tables, sideboards, bookcases, mirrors and coffee tables. Solid oak holds its colour very well with age, darkening by approx. only 3 to 5% over time, depending on the wood finish you choose. Oak works particularly well in rooms with lots of natural light thanks to its naturally pale colour. 


Our Infinity extending dining table and our large Glide sideboards are some of our most popular designs in solid oak. 

Solid Classic Walnut

Classic Walnut is a dark, majestic timber giving designs a powerful appearance. When selecting Classic Walnut we use only the mature heartwood from the center of the tree which creates a rich, uniform appearance perfect for more formal settings.

Classic Walnut looks beautiful when made in all of our furniture designs and really sets off a room when made in our Glide sideboard with matching Console MirrorStrawood oil is the ideal partner for Classic Walnut furniture as it really brings out the rich lustre of the wood grain. Classic Walnut is approximately 42% more expensive than solid oak. Expensive but worth it!


Classic Walnut looks fantastic with our large extending table designs such as our Regent and Middleton large dining tables.

Solid Wild Walnut

Wild Walnut is stunning and slightly brighter with its mixed timber colours than Classic Walnut. It shows off its wood grain beautifully as its swirls of contrasting colours give flashes of the pale young sapwood mixed with the rich chocolaty colours of the mature heartwood. This stunning "Tigers Eye" effect brings every design to life and looks fantastic in any room. 

Wild Walnut looks wonderful with all our dining tables, extending tables and dining furniture. We would recommend that Wild Walnut is finished in our Strawood polish to bring out the full lustre of its wood grain. Allow for the walnut wood colour to mature and deepen by about 15 to 20% over time compared to when it was freshly made. Wild Walnut is approximately 32% more expensive than solid oak, so if you love walnut, but want a more cost effective solution than Classic Walnut, this is a great choice.


Solid Wild Walnut looks particularly magnificent when used on our Brunel and Entertainer extending dining table designs. 

Solid Maple

We work very carefully with maple to provide as "pale" a wood as possible, in principle free from the dull browns that you often see in lower grades of maple. Its paleness allows for architectural lines to be designed, with furniture floating in its light colouration. Solid maple is a beautiful, subtle timber and looks lovely when combined with other woods.

Solid maple can be used with all table and cabinet lengths of up to 340cm. Maple in our Sandwood polish remains incredibly white and matt, but when oiled with our Strawood polish it allows approximately 5 to 8% more warmth to develop. 


Its natural paleness looks fantastic with any of our more contemporary designs such as the Air extending table, to show off their striking clean lines.

Solid American Cherry

Solid cherry is a beautiful timber that starts life as a pale timber with hints of green and then matures to the warm reddish cherry tones that we all know and love. Cherry is not as dense as the other hardwoods, but is a truly beautiful wood which can be finished in all of our polishes, producing stunning dining or living room furniture. 

Solid cherry can be used for all our dining or extending dining table designs up to 320cm in length, and shows quite a high degree of variety within the grain, especially as the solid wood matures. Our only note of caution is to be sure not to keep ornaments, such as fruit bowls, on your new cherry furniture for a prolonged period of time as it can result in "shadowing" underneath due to an uneven distribution of light. 


It works particularly well with our range of sideboards, cabinets and coffee tables. As cherry is not as strong as our other hardwoods we would not recommend it for any of our dining chairs.